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Cannabis Testing Articles & Application Notes:

"The Cannabis Contamination Conundrum" by

Joshua Crossney, President & Founder, jCanna

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"Women Lead the Way in the Cannabis Industry" by Joshua Crossney, President & Founder, jCanna

Featuring Dr. Uma Dhanabalan (Uplifting Health & Wellness), Leah Heise (Women Grow), Autumn Karcey (Cultivo, Inc.), Tracy Ryan (CannaKids), Melissa Fauth (Fritsch), Mo Barnhart, Tara Thrift and Renee Petro (CannaMoms) and Cynthia Ludwig (AOCS).


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"The Importance of Cannabis Testing" by Joshua Crossney, President & Founder, jCanna


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A Closer Look at Cannabis Testing
Scott Kuzdzal, PhD, Bob Clifford, PhD, Paul Winkler and Will Bankert (Shimadzu Scientific Instruments)
shimadzu_journal_2-4_p109-113 cannabis c
Adobe Acrobat Document 435.1 KB
Pesticides in Cannabis LCMS-8040 Application
Jeff Dahl (Shimadzu Scientific Instruments), Julie Kowalski (RESTEK), Jason Zitzer (Trace Analytics),
Gordon Fargas (Trace Analytics)
151021 CannabisPesticides.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB
Analysis of "The Big Four" Heavy Metals in Cannabis by USN-ICP-OES - Spectrophotometric Analysis (Shimadzu Scientific Instruments)
Dan Davis, Keith Long, Justin Masone, Patricia Firmin
Analysis of Heavy Metals in Cannabis by
Adobe Acrobat Document 419.2 KB
Unraveling the Cannabinome Article (ANALYTICAL SCIENTIST)
Written by Scott Kuzdzal and William Lipps of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, this article explains the need for expanded cannabinomics. It also describes the opportunities and challenges for analytical scientists involved in cannabis testing/research.
Analytical Scientist cannabis testing SH
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.1 MB
The Rise of Cannabinomics (GIT SEPARATION)
A brief article that describes how "U.S. Medical Marijuana Empowers A Cannabis Laboratory Revolution".
GIT Separation - The Rise of Cannabinomi
Adobe Acrobat Document 450.9 KB
Straw, Hay, dried Plants, Herbal Teas - are mostly very bulky Samples
Certified Chemist Wieland Hopfe, Application Consultant (FRITSCH GMBH )
Adobe Acrobat Document 211.6 KB
Tea – Herbal Teas, Black Tea or Green Tea
Certified Chemist, Wieland Hopfe, Application Consultant (FRITSCH GMBH)
Adobe Acrobat Document 317.8 KB
Pesticide and Antibiotics residues in food for example Tomatoes
Certified Chemist Wieland Hopfe, Application Consultant (FRITSCH GMBH)
Adobe Acrobat Document 178.1 KB
The Cannabis Scientist Issue 1
When Cannabis Meets Analysis
Three gurus discuss the exploding medical cannabis market and the
crucial role of analytical science. In my view article by jCanna, Inc., President & Founder, Josh Crossney.
The Cannabis Scientist Issue 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.3 MB
The Cannabis Scientist Issue 2
Omics Explorers
Three intrepid scientists. Their mission: to explore cannabis at the molecular level.
The Cannabis Scientist Issue 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 10.9 MB


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